Ozarks Public Broadcasting

Ozarks Public Broadcasting is comprised of Ozarks Public Television and KSMU Radio, the Ozarks’ PBS and NPR affiliates, respectively. Our mission is to encourage the exploration of ideas and their application to citizenship. We do that through a combination of community engagement and high quality television and radio programming. Ozarks Public Television serves viewers of all ages with quality, in-depth programming that educates, entertains and inspires. From theatrical performances from some of the world’s finest venues, to documentary films, to beautifully constructed dramas…there is something for everyone on public television. And one of our most important services is our commitment to our community’s smallest viewers.

With the help of the Musgrave Foundation and other local individuals and foundations, OPT airs over 120 hours of quality, educational children’s programming each week. These programs are developed to teach kids basic math, science, literacy and social concepts, preparing them for success in school and life. KSMU Radio is the Ozarks’ source for NPR news, bringing in-depth regional, national and international journalism to the communities we serve. On the local level, KSMU provides in-depth local news, as well as local features with topics ranging from science, to public affairs, to life in the Ozarks. KSMU is also the Ozarks’ source for eclectic music, with local shows featuring bluegrass, Celtic, blues, jazz, classical and more.